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Well I am 25 and have been gaming since I've been born pretty much. I enjoy playing all sorts of games and enjoying everyone's company.
Come for the failure - stay for the FUN
Norwegian girl living in uk with her fiancé.
Hey welcome to my channel! If you want to watch some dude, twenty-five years young, play some video games than be sure to hang up your coat and chill for a bit.
Just a guy playing some video games and having a good time. Hope you enjoy the show and keep being awesome. You can find me on YouTube at: And Twitter at:
The strong silent type! Introvert descendant of great viking chief Thorir Hund, who in 1030 fatally wounded the Norwegian king Olaf II in the battle of Stiklestad.
Just a person inside a person being a person. I Am A Perception!

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Happy little accidents 😊
WELCOME to an Anti Douche Army channel. Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Nash. Variety Gaming for your Beards by my Beard!
hi my name is drummergirl22 or Emily. Welcome to the official Groupie hangout place. Enjoy live gaming from me drummergirl22! i am a #ADArmy, BAGr, and many other group member. So sit back and enjoy some gaming! Keep on drumming keep on gaming! be the awesome groupies you know you are!
I'm a gamer that lives on the east side of the usa. (EST time)
Just a weird Dane doing random screencasts once in a while.
I'm here to play games, you are here to watch. Lets have fun!
I am a bear. rar. Twittar: @NaughtyB3ar.
completionist variety gamer, casting randomly for your enjoyment
Hey, Im Jake. Im a 18 year old snowboarding instructor from New York! Super passionate about Europe, sports, and everything gnarly! Streaming in both Nederlands / English.
Just a guy who likes playing games!
I asked my shark if he wanted another bite to eat, he was stuffed.
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