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    25-Feb-2016 at 12:49 #691

    A/D\A Test Picture


    As some of you are aware, online A/D\A streams are shown on the front page. The one with most viewers wins the spotlight (video window). A lot of the time, no members are online, and we just show an offline picture instead.

    Can we promote outsiders?

    I’ve been contemplating various ways to increase the chance of having a live stream on the front page when no members are online.

    Hosted by members

    One way I see this being done, is checking the list of members Adamanty is following, and see if anyone is hosting someone. And if there is a host, display the largest stream.
    Personal thoughts: This is currently my favorite, as it requires some changes to the website but will be all automatic from there on. And all members have an equal opportunity to impact it.

    Manually maintained list

    An easy but manual way to do it is to maintain a list of non-members who we feel deserve the extra attention. The feature is already in place, as I use it for debugging, but any updates to the list will have to go through me.
    Personal thoughts: I’m mentally prepared to do it, but I won’t always be around to update it within a timely manner. Also, who will decide who goes on the list?

    A combination

    Combining the two above may also end up being an option. For example, if there’s no members online and no one is hosting anyone, there is still a list of channels who unknowingly competes for a spot on our front page.

    Question is

    What do you think is a good idea? Any of these? Something else I haven’t even mentioned? Just keep our amazing offline picture?

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    12-Mar-2016 at 14:59 #767

    Until further, I’ve gone with streams hosted by our members. It has been launched today as a live beta.

    • Everyone has an equal chance of impacting which hosted stream is displayed
    • It show’s who’s hosting, in case someone wonders why their stream is on our page
    • There is no secret list that has to me manually maintained